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About Mel Pergolas: Patios, Garages Construction Company Melbourne

We believe in "Business with Ethics". We have firm faith and belief that by creating, synergy in integration of interests, of all stakeholders, we can build a culture of trust, caring, growth and accountability.

We immensely value our clients and strive to provide them with the best possible services to ensure total satisfaction. We excel in providing customized solutions and services with an innovative outlook to focus on a win-win situation for everyone. We provide our clients a professional service of the highest quality by providing imaginative and responsible approach. We believe that we are responsible to provide our clients with the most appropriate solution. We believe in customizing solutions for each client as per their specific requirements. Our Engineering will overcome and find timely solutions in Design and Construction.

We have always emphasized on developing long term relationships while avoiding short-term financial goals. Our work culture entails full freedom to think, develop and grow. We wish the very best for everyone.

We aim at providing pathways of opportunities and growth, to our associates to develop a competitive advantage and aid in enlarging their markets and client base.

We are dedicated to the concept of individual liberty inside the framework of an overall professional ethic. We respect the rights of individuals and we believe that individuals working for the company need to retain control over their own destiny. We endorse and demand adherence to the higher standards of ethical conduct as promulgated by the professional societies in our discipline. We are of the firm opinion that Engineers and Builders are accountable for the Designs and Construction : professionally, technically and morally.

Our Basic Approach

  • Innovative and Integrated.
  • Great emphasis on selection of the most Appropriate Solution.
  • Optimized Energy Efficient Designs with no wastage.
  • Continuous Review of Designs as they Develop.
  • Great Value for Money.

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