Pergola Structural Design in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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  •   Point Cook, VIC 3030
  •   MEL Pergolas West, Merton Street, Altona Meadows, VIC 3028
  •   +61 470 310 755
  • Toll Free: 1800 902 201

M.E.L Pergolas Outer Roofing Structures Designs Melbourne

“We are passionate about providing strong, economical and appropriately styled structures. Our hands-on-workers, civil engineers and project managers ensure that the project moves smoothly from inception to completion. We design and construct simple, elegant, robust & long lasting solutions to complement the existing structure. Steve (S. S. Panghal), an ex-army engineer officer with his result oriented leadership qualities directs the team and provides active guidance & support. With his varied and rich construction experience of 20 Years he can suitably advise the clients about the most appropriate structure that would not only look good but also provide all the expected utility functions.
You can contact him directly at 0470310755 or call up the office at 1800 902 201.”

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