Is a building permit essential for my project?

As per the Building Act (1993), a building permit must be obtained prior to commencement of building work. The Building Permit is issued by relevant building surveyor and it ensures that building practitioner is registered and has appropriate insurance in place.The important stages of the project are independetly inspected by the relevant building surveyor. Some works may be exempt from the requirement of Building Permit. Necessary advice can be solicited from a local building surveyor. M.E.L. Pergolas would design the project, draw up all the plans and obtain the necessary building permit.

What guarantees are applicate to your structures?

M.E.L. Pergolas provides ten year structural guarantee on all building works.

Would M.E.L. Pergolas provide assistance in conceptual aspects and actual designs?

M.E.L. Pergolas Consultants will provide different options in structure style and materials to use, keeping in mind the location, layout and various other factors. We would also advise appropriate design which would ensure ease in getting the necessary permits besides adding value to the property.

What materials do you use ?

M.E.L. Pergolas takes pride in building Carports, Pergolas, Verandas and Decks with any certified materials available to build. We use steel, aluminum, timber, glass, polycarbonate etc. We can also aid in designing your structure with specfic material of your choice.

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